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Varavara Rao

Varavara Rao, 81-year-old ailing activist from the state of Telangana, a renowned poet, journalist, literary critic, public speaker, and an acclaimed academic, is well known for his progressive writings. He has been jailed intermittently since 1973, always for standing up for oppressed communities. In the latest instance, he was arrested and jailed, along with 10 other activists, for alleged involvement in organising ‘Elgar Parishad’ and in violence which erupted in Bhima Koregaon in January 2018. Mr. Rao is in custody at a trial stage for 22 months, where the original charge sheet filed by the authorities doesn’t even mention any accusations against Rao. His life is at stake. He has recently tested positive for COVID and on the 19th of July Mr. Rao has been moved to Nanavati hospital for further neurological and urological treatment.

Sangh Parivar

RSS operates in almost every aspect of Indian life inside India, and also overseas. This is achieved via various daughter and sister organisations, and the collective of these organisations is called RSS Family, or ‘Sangh Parivar’. In this report, we try to list down most relevant of these organisations.

Labour Exploitation

Recently a few German ministers have pushed to ensure that human rights standards and labour laws are maintained throughout the supply chain. In this report we discuss why such a law is the need of the hour under the context of labour exploitation in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Given that the state has decided to suspend almost all labour laws for the next three years, it is important that such a law be passed to ensure safety and basic human rights to the workers.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh

It is well known that the founders of RSS were admirers of Hitler and wanted India to be a Hindu nation. What is lesser known is that the RSS exists outside India and is known as the HSS. In this report we look into the HSS and highlight problems regarding the organization and its link to the RSS.

Detention Centres

There are six functioning detention centres in Assam and more being built all over this country. If we do not raise our voice now, it will soon be too late to do so. In this report we give an overview of the already functioning detention centres and the ones which are being built all over the country.

Human Rights in India

The constantly deteriorating condition of civil and human rights in India has been a concern to human rights activists not only in India but all over the world. In this report we cover topics ranging from attack on students in university campuses and the use of hateful speech by members of the BJP to the construction of detention centers to house those deemed as illegal immigrants.